Shoal Things were first discovered lurking in those odd places around buildings that are rarely visited. They moved from place to place, never staying in one place too long and generally avoiding people. After spending time with them, they cautiously agreed to appear in a few exhibitions and music festivals. They quite enjoyed these and are now making their way to people’s phones and tablets via an app!


They move around like a school of fish and like to play.  Glide a finger across the screen to be a predator. Press with two and they’ll circle in like there’s food around.  Tap with three fingers to turn on neighbour lines and transform the individual fish into Shoal Thing.

The free version of the app lets you be a predator. The full version (available by in-app purchase) enables all three features.

Shoal Thing Shoal Thing


It’s best to first try the free version for a while to make sure it works well on your device.

Shoal Thing can comfortably move around at 50 – 60 frames a second but might be a little slow on older devices, especially if other apps are also running.

Some HTC devices do not pass 3 finger taps and gestures through to apps. This can be changed in the device settings – look for ‘Display & gestures’ in the ‘Phone’ section.

If there is an interruption or problem during the in-app purchase then reloading the app is probably the best place to start. This will make it contact the App Store or Google Play to see if the purchase went through.

To reload Shoal Thing on an iPhone or iPad, first press the home button twice. Then locate Shoal Thing in the list of running apps and remove it with a swipe.

Showing the list of running apps on Android devices can vary by vendor, but a long-press of the home button is worth a try. Shoal Thing can be removed from the list with a swipe.

After Shoal Thing has been stopped, it can be started again as usual by tapping its icon.

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